The Enemy Within

Journal Entry for Lukas Herrscherr

What a lousy day...

Today has been a utter waste of my time. Arg! If I hadn’t been in such a position of responsibility not only to myself, but as the sole remaining representative of the Bright Order in this town ship, now that the rest of my fellows have been called else where; had that not been the case, I would probably find myself a hunted man of the local watch and any nearby witch hunters. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

This morning, I thought my day would be one of insightful discussion with Luminary Mauer and perhaps a chance to seek his aid with my paper. Since that day on the dock, I’ve been in a bit of a spot trying to find replacement copies of first hand accounts into the devastation of Mordheim in 1999. I am glad that I went with my better judgement and decided to have copies made rather then take Mauer’s personal copies. But now since that day, I have been trying to overcome my embarrassment of being put in a position forcing me to once again seek Mauer’s help on the matter. Doing so will certainly affect his judgement of my level of responsibility. Not only did I travel about without backup copies of my work, but to lose them to a common cut-purse.

On this day, Luminary Mauer asked if I could speak with Rembracht Delfholt over a pamphlet he wrote. Mauer wanted me to have an interview with Delfholt and then to take time to submit a critique over the contents of Delfholt’s paper as well as a decision regarding the possibility of extending an invite to Mister Delfholt to become a regular member of the Sun Society.

After Luminary Mauer told me I would be able to find him at an establishment called ‘The Upright Pig’ and anxious to get started on this seemingly simple assignment, I left to begin my task as soon as I was given my leave.

In route to ‘The Upright Pig’, I happened to run into an old woman trying to sell me some fish as if I was a common grocer buyer on the merchant strip. Although, I had no need of her wares, she was able to provide me with better directions to the ‘The Upright Pig’. She noted me as a learned man and ask if I could read over a leaflet regarding her missing husband. When she discovered that the note was out of date as to the time her husband went missing, she had the gull to ask me money to have new notices printed! Normally, I would charge to write or proofread another one’s work as compensation for my time. This hag not only wasted my time and had the benefit of my services to proofread her note, but now she expects me to put forth my money towards finding her husband who is probably lying dead in a ditch somewhere. No doubt another victim of the rampant crime in this village, which I myself had recently been made to experience first-hand. So, if only to be rid of her and back on my way, I handed her two brass pennies and quickly asked Sigmar to bless her efforts before heading on my way.

Having reached ‘The Upright Pig’, I was to begin wondering as to the character of Rembracht. The streets around the location were filled with ruffians and whores. To add weight to my initial impression, not long after I had arrived at ‘The Upright Pig’, I happened to witness a scuffle between two groups of men.

Prior to the skirmish, the leader of one of the groups of ruffians, I believe they were calling themselves ‘The Rats’,was throwing accusations over the disappearance of one his “boys” to which the other group of people, who were often referred to as ‘The Fish’, where quick to deny any involvement. As to be expected among the uneducated, when it comes to disputes, they always, and quickly, resort to brawling like common riff-raff.

When the donnybrook had finally settled down, I asked one of the remaining ruffians a few questions about his missing compatriot. I must admit now that I had become intrigued by what started out as a minor coincidence with rumours I have heard but barely cared to consider more then hearsay taken from gullible listeners who had listened to one children’s story too many. From the ruffian, it seems his fellow ‘rat’ had gone missing about 5 days ago. When asked why he and his friends thought ‘The Fish’ were responsible, he couldn’t come up with any evidence that would convince a small child other then to remark “It must be their fault, because they are ‘The Fish’.” Sadly, it was pretty much as what I expected from a common man.

With nothing more to be gained, I headed inside the pub and waited for Mister Delfholt to make an appearance and to hope that a conversation would make up for the dismay meeting place. I thought maybe about reading Mister Delfholt’s, but decided that it might be interesting to approch Delfholt completely without any bias regarding his statements and let him speak totally on his own merits to bring his point across. If Mauer were to indeed extend a membership to Mister Delfholt, it was without doubt, Mauer would consider it important that all members could speak on their own behalf in a manner that would be representative of the Sun Society.

What a disappointment that interview was! A waste of time it was speaking to Rembracht Delfholt, I now wished I had read his pamphlet and saved myself the trouble, or perhaps use my travel time to take that pamphlet as evidence of another agitator spreading seditious propaganda. I listened to Rembracht for quite a time as he spoke of the need to replace the Elector system brought about after the departure of the father of the Empire himself. I began to feel uneasy allowing this speech to continue. Not to mention, I lost track where he was in his speech after dozing off a couple of times. One thing I remember hearing before losing interest was something about “bread riots” and other such rubbish.

I finally found myself at the end of my patience and questioned the merits of his ‘power to the people’ rhetoric. I couldn’t believe the native response of this man. Does he not understand the need of the Electoral system currently in placed to bring order and guide the Empire, especially, in light of the dangers that threatens our borders to the north.

It was then Delfholt had found himself beyond his reason and abruptly left the table and the pub.

This left me alone to muse over the discussion I had just taken part in. But my mood was quickly soured when I heard my name called out and asked if I had my pursed snatched again recently. Looking around, I found a rogue sitting at a nearby table waving towards me. I didn’t recognize the sitting figure at first, and it took me a moment to focus my sight on him and recall the other man’s countenance and his part that led me to my predicament on the docks not more then a week past.

The Scoundrel’s mocking wave and facial expression made my blood boil, a moment I felt my power being instinctively drawing forth and knew I could but unleash my wrath onto him and let him know in that moment the magnitude of his error in not only stealing from me, but to so openly mock me as if I was some dim-witted fool. But I was quick to recall my power, I was trained to become a battle wizard should the Empire or the Order have need of my power. To unleash it in the crowded confines of this pub may bring much undeserved tribulation upon the other patrons of this pub, despite the fact I’m sure it would not matter one iota to the local constabulary if this den of thieves were to go up in smoke, but the act would surely bring my name to every witch hunter and Bright Order member within 100 miles.

I quickly hurled my nearly empty beer flask at the rogue and told him to ‘try pinching that’. The act earned me a moment of satisfaction when I saw the flask hit its mark and with that I took my leave of the flea-infested ‘Upright Pig’ and thought how appropriate the name was in reflection to some of its patrons.



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