The Enemy Within

Session 02 - Journal entry for Lukas Herrscherr

An Apprentice-Wizard's job is never done...

One down, Three to go…

Today, I had a chance to report my findings to Luminary Mauer in regards to Herr Demholft. To my surprise and consternation, I realized my report of Rembracht’s unsuitability to become a member of the Sun Society was no surprise to Luminary Mauer. He already had come to that conclusion and my trip to meet Herr Demholft seem more like a test to see of my judgement. Luminary Mauer seem to quickly read my expression and sense my feelings about being sent on an errand that could had been settled by asking me some simple questions rather then sending me into a flea-infested nest of rats.

With that task done, I then had a talk with Luminary Mauer and learned that one his goals with the Sun Society was to use it to increase the spread of literacy within the Empire. On the face of that idea, it seems quite admirable an goal and I should find myself pleased to be asked to become a part of bringing it to fruition. However, some concern shadows my thoughts on this lofty goal, for even in my short life as an apprentice in service of the Bright Order I have come to learn that some words contain within them dangers that go beyond this world. For now, I feel despite these thoughts, I will work to help bring Mauer’s goal to life and pray, we are not unsheathing a double-edge sword. If the spread of reading is to go beyond our Orders and those privileged few then it would be wise for our Orders to increase the security of our Tomes. As Sigmar warned us, “Often the greatest danger comes not from those we suspect of learning our secrets, but those who might happen to stumble onto them without any forethought or malice.”

Sigmar protect us all.

After that discussion, he asked me to provide aid with two missions. The first, he asked me to look into some notable murders that have been brought to his attention. What makes the murders so odd is the condition of the wounds that the corpses display. On all the bodies which have been examined, the nature of the wounds were most queer. The area of the wounds appeared to have been reduced to “the consistancy of warm cheese”. Perhaps signs of purification? Another fact given was one of the bodies was discovered by someone named Jurgen Smidth. Luminary Maur pondered outloud if there was any relation to the Smidth family, a local well-to-do local merchant.

Such is the nature of these cases that Captain Baerfaust of the Watch had approached Luminary Mauer to lend aid into discovering the root cause of these deaths. From his initial investigations, Mauer had come to the conclusion that perhaps these deaths may lead to a darker source then simple drunken random violence or political intrigue. A source somehow connected to the ruinous powers damn be their names which I will not write here.

To this end, Luminary Mauer asked to look into this matter, and to do that he encouraged me to gather a group to help me. One of whom should be knowledgeable of the dock area, a person who which Luminary Mauer went on to describe as scum. But how can I find someone who’s knowledge of the docks is enough to overcome my distrust of his nature? Hmm…who indeed…

One final note, Luminary Mauer suggested that I approach the son of Jurgen Smidth, a fellow who goes by the name Wolfie Smidth. Curious name as well as a curious background. But curious or not, he suggested Wolfie Smidth because such a move might lead to improved relations with the Smidth family and perhaps a show of generosity toward the Sun Society in the form of donations. He made mention of others who I might seek out, but the soldier Beric “The Goat” would indeed come in handy should brawn be needed, if not brains.

So it turns out my first trip was to make my way to a party being thrown by the Smidths. Among those present besides the Smidths (including their son, Wolfie) was Graf Friedrich von Kaufman.

Well, it seems I now know why Luminary Mauer sent me to this party in his stead. I kinda suspected that Mauer was trying to avoid the normal noble foppier which is expected at these sort of occasions. But I can’t think of anything that would have prepared me for the ‘entertainment’ which consisted of two parts.

  1. The announcment by Theodosius von Techtenhagan of the marriage of Wolfie Smidth and the Lady Wanda von Teuchtenhagan. When I was introduced to Wanda, I was reminded of some books that spoke of such horrors as beastmen which stalk people in the wild forest. Never have I thought to find one at the Coach and Inn Tavern and from the look on Wolfie’s shocked jaw as it slammed into the floor, I can only surmised that this marriage was something arranged without his knowledge.
  2. Next, was a poetry reading by the same Wolfie Smidth. Again, it seems Herr Smidth was on someone’s black list by the look of horror that crept over him as Frau Smidth announced the reading of selected poetry works by Wolfie Smidth. I’m not sure how to describe the reception. Afterward and even now, I’m not sure if the clapping was for the effort of the works or for the fact the reading was over.

It was at this time, that I spoke up and announced that as a member of the sun Society it was my pleasure to add to these precedings with an announcement from Luminary Mauer, who was unfortunately unable to make it today, I was present to extend an offer to Wolfie Smidth at the behest of Luminary Mauer which required me to ask him to join a task group being assembled. Should he join, it would no doubt almost assuredly guarantee that a formal invitation would be extended to Herr Wolfie Smidth to become a recognized and honorable member of the highly esteem Sun Society.

However, as good news as this is no doubt to Herr Wolfie Smidth, as part of this task group, he would be required to make preparations to travel within days or ,if needed within hours, of accepting. Unfortunately, this would unavoidably delay his nuptials with the Lady Wanda von Teuchtenhagan. I asked the family to take heart that this call to aid would serve the greater good and I’m sure as no man can deny that if their actions can bring safety and prosperity to his homeland, any sacrifice would be justified.

From the excited smile from Frau Smidth, who was most likely, imagining the stories of heroic retellings of her son, it was clear that I had recruited the first member of my team.

As others were talking of postponing the marriage ceremony until later. I did make a most unfortunate blunder. It happened while I was making my way through the room, I did manage to trip over myself and spill my wine unto Gianessa Antonias, a maiden of radiant beauty. Her presence filled the room with such attractive virtue. However, my first attempt to introduce myself left me with a blot on my hopes to make a good impression upon her mind. Regardless of my efforts to apologize, she quickly got up to leave with Steffan Braton, the owner and leader of the acting troup from ‘Le Rosae Thatrum Players’. I made a quick decision to right the wrong I accidentally imposed on the young lady by using my skills, and a handy cantrip I learned when I was pressed for time and lacked suitably clean clothes. If Oskar, my master, were present, I’m sure I would have been subjected to double studies over the ethics of responsible use of the Arts, but with her clothes in immaculate condition, I was able to rescue a little face and avoid becoming the object of ridicule in current circles.



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