The Enemy Within

Wolfie's diary

Dear Diary
I woke this morning to find a note pushed under my door , this note was little more of a scribble on a rough piece of paper and in an unkept mentioned that if i make my way to the docks this morning i would learn something to my advantage. i poured my eyes over the note to see if there was anything different , strange or otherwise obscure , who was it from i asked myself but nothing sprang to mind. Then i remembered that i had just paid off the recent gambling debt by pawning my mothers brooch , thinking that was a stupid thing to do i rifled through my apartment looking for all the spar coin i could find which amounted to a tidy sum of 2 gold coins and 10 silver , this i hoped would be enough to retrieve the brooch

so after a little breakfast of ham and eggs i went downstairs and out into the morning air. The weather was appalling , the rain was pelting down , thinking to myself that i bet someone is responsible for this weather and they are doing it out of spite i made my way to the docks.

There were the usual people here , traders , dockers local street urchins , i kept a tight grip on my purse for fear of having it stolen by some organised gang of pickpockets.

My Flat is situated on the opposite side of the river from the docks which means crossing by way of the bridge , i normally stay on my own side of the river as it is a little quieter and less chance of being mugged . however on this occasion thought that if i were to learn more i would need to venture across the bridge.

While crossing i was aware of a number of new faces , all of which looked very shady and were bound to be up to no good , so i kept my distance but close enough to hear them speak if they did , perhaps one of those people left the note , i eyed them intently but not so much as to be noticed.

Just by the edge of the bridge i so am older man conversing with Olga , a local fishwife , it looked like she was trying her utmost to sell her wears but no she had a piece of paper and was handing it to this person. i edged closer straining my ears to hear what was being said but could not quite hear. Curiosity got the better of me so i edged my way towards the couple so that i could hear , what were they up to , i looked around and no one seamed to be watching so edging my way forward and straining my ears to hear i heard mention a sum of money but it did not sound like a normal sale , could this be more bribery , corruption or maybe something worse blackmail.

I decided to quicken my pace and walk past them to try and glean what it was all about but by the time i got to the fish stall the old gent had left in a little but of a huff so no information there.

As i got to the end of the bridge there was that awful fellow Rambrecht spouting his political stuff which i have heard before and for me his views are to conservative he needs to give more power to the people but he is too obsessed with his own views he will not listen to others, I cross to the other side of the road narrowly missing a brute of a man , i looked back and thought he looks familiar and tried to rack my brains but could not come up with anything.

So Hear i am standing at the docks and looking around for an information regarding the note , i looked at the note again the paper was normal , the writing was normal perhaps there was some secret writing which i could not see , or perhaps someone will contact me , i waited by the side of the docks keeping my eyes peeled for something that might arouse suspicion but nothing.

Then i hear a commotion coming from the upright pig , it looked like there was a heated argument. Edging closer and not wanting to get involved in the situation but needing to know more i strain my ears , apparently this fight is about the disappearance of one of the dockers , another kidnapping i thought , i start to take some notes , and a little sketch of the situation so i could study that later.

The fight ensues for a few moments with one of the dockers knocking down a stranger , could this be a setup , i look round and a few people are watching but most seam to be ignoring what is happening
i continue to watch , taking notes.

Eventually the fight stops and the dockers return to their drinks inside. I make my way to the strange who was knocked down to see if he was ok , i asked him what was that fight about and why was he involved but i did not get a clad answer just a mumble about a docker that had disappeared. the stranger got to his feet and mat his way into the bar leaving me and a few bystanders , i looked around , no one seamed interested in me so eventually i made my way inside to see if i could find out anything else , after all there was a mystery here and if i am to find who is responsible i will have to brave the inn and enter

Inside there were a number of dockers , and a few strangers so i found a quiet spot and started to listen and watch what was going on , most seam to drinking and enjoying themselves. It was at that point i spotted a person i do not want to see again namely that racketeer Frederick Grosz , i hope he doesn’t see me though i have paid him all i owe and he is sitting with another shady looking character , i strain my ears to hear and i think i can make out that Frederick is extorting money from the other person , Is this blackmail or a pay off , i don’t hear any more but still take notes.

Some moments later that fellow Rambrecht arrives only to be met at the door by another strange , Rambrecht goes into his usual spell about his government reforms , i think i’m glad i don’t have to listen to that as some other unfortunate strange has to , well they will only get fought once then they will ignore him like the plague.

A little while later and Rambrecht is in deep discussion which is normal for him , pity the poor person who has to listen to it , i make by way to the exit only to be narrowly missed by a flying beer mug i beat a hasty retreat and make my way outside. Its raining again and only a few hawkers and traders around, i decide to make my way to Mathilda Durbein to see if i can get my mothers locket back , i realise now that i should not have pawned it so hopefully she still has it.

When i get to Mathilda i find that she has sold it to a party near the black fire pass , i am grief stricken and dismayed and have to sake her if she can find a replacement she says she will try but this will cost me a pretty penny , i hand her 10 silver and say i will return in a few days

Todays recap , well it seamed that it was a waste of time , i examine the notes i made to see it there was anything i missed before cooking tea and going to bed



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