The Enemy Within

New Day New Opertunities

Dear Diary

After Leaving Momma’s house i feel very agitated , this wizard fellow walking with me seams to be muttering but i am not listening , i need to find a way to get out of this situation , maybe there is something i have on my notice board.

I start going over the pamphlet , yes these words are mine but the writing is not in my hand but i do recognise it … now where from… wait i remember that note that was slipped under my door , and ….Thinks…. i have seen the writing somewhere else but where….

as we approached the market i could hear music , a flute i think .looking up i see a young girl and a merchant up ahead , that dam fool wizard is interrupting my train of thought again , where is he off to , i better try and keep up he will only get his pocket picked again , ,Thinks better follow him

We both pas through the market and can hear a lot of chearing , looks like someone is hanging from justice gate , i wonder who was the unlucky fellow , as i get closer i see it is that old fat watchman , Gunther i think his name was , Oh well never mind , right now what about these papers , then it struck me… Rembracht , that slimy toe rag . I Look up and who do i see but that same fellow just standing there , i give him an icy stare , he sees me and make a run for it , i try to trip him but lose my footing bet do manage to follow him to the pig of all places.

Inside the pig it is busy with a load of dockers having a good time , through the crowd i spot Rembrandt and sit down next to him while luther goes and talks to some friends of his.

Rembracht seams a little agitated , well i am not surprised as i quiz him intently about his latest scrawling and try to convince him to do the right thing but he refuses at first , then all of a sudden he gets up and tries to leave , poor fellow i tripped him and sat on him and proceeded to inform him of the error of his ways , saying that my friends would also like a quick word.

Looking around the pig there seams to be some trouble brewing , Hmmmm better get this guy outside so i open a window with his head , wouldn’t want to use my hand as it might hurt. He is bundled outside and is quiet for a moment , but the pig is close to uproar as harsh words are said.

I am eventually joined outside by two others , a burly trader and a large kisvilite who help restrain Rembracht , But do you know what , that guy is slippery and he breaks free , however my new friends do manage to catch him and we escort him to a quiet part of town and to a warehouse that is owned buy one of my new friends.

I am not sure but this warehouse might not be the best place as it looks like someone else is already here , no matter i let the owner sort out the intruders and wait outside , meanwhile thinking of the best way of getting Rembrandt to put pen to paper all of what he has told me.

We all enter the warehouse and i make sure Rembracht is securely tied to a chair , he refuses at first to pen anything but i do manage to persuade him by breaking is toes with a nicely shaped piece of wood , my he does make a loud noise after i hit his foot.

It was about this time i see this horrible mutant with long arms come out of the back room , a chair is thrown which seams to do little or no damage a powerful magical spell is cast and the thing shot full of arrows and drops , i am more interested in making sure Rembrandt writes everything down , which it looks like he has , just have to let the others know that he might have some answers to their questions .

As an afterthought i think i did enjoy extracting extracting the information out of Rembrandt , perhaps i have found a new untapped talent for this work , i wonder if there is any money in knowledge extraction

Until next time Diary , this is Wolfie signing off



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